Living Through the Coronavirus

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Winning Essays! 

1st Place – La Ventana Cerrando

by Ella Kirkwood, 05/24/2020, Traverse City, MI Middle School 6-8 Category La Ventana: Climbing term used to describe the perfect window of opportunity for an ascent; Also, “the Window” in Spanish. Cerrando: closing. We had great expectations for 2020 . . .

1st Place – Nelly Thinks

by Issabelle Brooks, 04/17/2020, Beulah, MI Elementary K-5 Category “Oh hey! I didn’t smell you there!” My name is Nelly. I am a German Shorthair Pointer. I’m almost a year old but I am the queen of my house. I love to help clean dad’s toes. My sworn enemy is kitty the cat. She is as black as your nightmares . . .

1st Place – Pandemic Percussion

by Athena Gillespie, 06/30/2020, Traverse City, MI High School 9-12 Category As I lay in bed, the natural light from my window slowly dwindling, I hear them. A cacophony of drums, maracas, pots, pans, and more. I glance at the clock. 8:00 PM on the dot. I wasn’t expecting a tradition that started in March to last all the way to May, but it was something I had adjusted to and learned to appreciate. Every night, my neighbors stood on their porches and banged on drums, etc. for one full minute. No less, and (usually) no more . . .

1st Place – Touch

by Anne-Marie Oomen 04/09/2020, Empire, MI Adult Category I walked the empty road to a neighbor’s house. I hesitated to knock—I’d have to touch the door, but then I did. She came, her hair mussed, smiled, and put her palm against the glass and I put mine against the cool on my side.


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