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There is a deafening amount of sound about the virus, on the news, in the newspaper.  But what are you and your friends saying?

Our question is about the conversation taking place now in your head.  What do you hear? What are you saying? Who is speaking to you? You to whom?

We are living a story that will go down as history. It’s a story a 15-year-old will repeat to his or her children years from now.

It’s extraordinarily hard to tell your part of a story in real time, because we usually tell stories when we are safe and know the ending.  We just invent a lot of anecdotes from the safety of hindsight.

We are asking you to tell different stories.  We want stories about the conversation in the middle of the crisis.  Can you give us place, smell, weather, sound, the person speaking, the person listening, and what their conversation is about in the midst of this virus?

 What we want is what you feel today as the story is swirling around you like you are standing in Lake Michigan. You have your space, the news is a blizzard, your friends are doing one thing, your family is doing another, and your brain and your eyes are working overtime… What are you seeing, what are you thinking.  What would you like your children to know about this, and how they should live through this experience, if it happens to them years from now?


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